My first Orchestra concert!

Tanish Violin concert_1 (1)Tanish Violin concert_2January 28th 2015, was my first performance in an orchestra where I played the Violin.  I was excited and eager to start playing. At the same time, I was a little bit under pressure because if I made a mistake, the other fourth graders would nag me for a long time. When the concert started, it went by in a wink.

We played, Play it Twice, F Sharp Fiddlin’, Clouds of Many Colors, Merrily We Roll Along, (also known as Mary had a Little Lamb), Steak and Kidney Pie, and Jingle Bells. I thought it was an electrifying performance.

I got fired up when I saw my mom in the audience; it would be a shame if she couldn’t come for such an important time in my career of music. Well, she always does! I can’t wait to play on my next concert in June!! Happy learning and rehearsing until then.

The most fascinating thing about the performance was, even though many of us were playing in an orchestra for the first time, we played in unison. All the hard work of my music teacher and the support of my class teacher certainly paid off.

I came across a really great blog with interesting facts about violin here.   My favourite ones are:

  • The first modern violin was made five hundred years ago!
  • If you play the violin for one hour, you can burn 170 calories!
  • The world record for cycling backward and playing the violin at the same time is 60.45 kilometers!
  • The word “violin” comes from the medieval Latin word “vitula” which means “stringed instrument”
  • The most expensive violin was made by Giuseppe Guarneri in 1741. The violin is now worth 18 million dollars!
  • Violin strings were originally made out of sheep gut

Happy Reading!


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2 comments on “My first Orchestra concert!
  1. Sure, I will post the video soon. Thanks for finding my blog useful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow – sounds exciting – would be great to actually see a video of you and your team playing the violin. I love how you always put some facts wherever possible on your posts….helps me enhance my knowledge as well. Thank you.


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